SYNMR is a INDIA based NMR Solvents,Deuterated Solvents ,Labelled Isotopes Manufacturing company with over 15 years of experience focusing on high value products for the Pharmaceutical,Life Sciences and Chemical Industry


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SYNMR Chemicals, with modest beginnings in the year 2015 is now a key player in the manufacture and supply of deuterated solvents for NMR spectroscopy and intermediates for D labelled drugs.SYNMR Chemicals is now engaged in research and process development of a specialized area of chemistry known as ‘stable isotope labelling’ that finds application in cancer research, medical diagnostics and environmental pollution.SYNMR has now indigenized labelled chemical synthesis as part of  our Make in India campaign.
A 10 year MOU with the Heavy Water Board (HWB-GOI ) has now helped SYNMR  tap this huge labelled compound market in India and is India’s only manufacturer and supplier of Deuterated solvents/NMR Solvents/D Solvents for NMR spectroscopy and intermediates for D labelled drugs


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Stable isotope labelled compounds/Labelled isotopes  enable the specific qualitative and quantitative study of metabolites. Currently SYNMR is the only supplier from India for the ‘D’ labelled isotopes used in manufacture of D labelled drug called deutetrabenazine.


SYNMR has responded drastically to different environments and has responded in various ways to produce our product range of NMR Solvents/Deuterated Solvents and Labelled Isotopes safely,more efficiently and economically viable to the scientific community .