Company History

Company History :

Synmr Chemicals Private Limited is a Private incorporated in 2014.A Private limited company, SYNMR is a INDIA based Deuterated Solvents Manufacturing company with many years of experience focusing on high value products for the Pharmaceutical,Life Sciences and Chemical Industry.

  • Founded in 2014

    The Establishment of SYNMR

    The company was established as a private limited company in the year 2014

  • In 2015

    Full Time Directors

    Directors of Synmr Chemicals Private Limited are Mahavir Metha, Suresh Rajamani Iyer, Sankar Venkitachalam Iyer and Dinesh Metha

  • In 2016

    Deuterated Solvents For Labelled Drugs

    collaboration for developing processes for the manufacture and supply of deuterated solvents for NMR spectroscopy and intermediates for D labelled drugs. Currently 3 scientists, 1 marketing expert and 10 technicians

  • In 2017

    Stable isotope labelling

    Engaged in research and process development of a specialized area of chemistry known as ‘stable isotope labelling’ that finds application in cancer research, medical diagnostics and environmental pollution.

  • In 2019

    MOU with Heavy Water Board

    MOU Between M/S SYNMR, Bangalore and Heavy Water Board (GOI), For The Sale Of 20 Tonnes Of Heavy Water In A Year For Development Of Deuterium Labeled Compounds, NMR Solvents, D-Labeled Active Pharma Ingredients